Special Kids

The whole year, sports school, festive times or outside holidays !

Special Kids

Discover activities adapted to your children !

In the Grand Parc, children and teenagers live unforgettable experiences. Cast off with friends, play explorers out in the country, surpass them with the zip-line...

As many adventures to live at the gates of Lyon! Sailing school or golfing school to get better during the year, at their own pace, courses during school holidays or thematic birthday ; let’s offer to your child an unforgettable activity according to his/her desires...

Special Kids

General terms and conditions

Child Birthdays

The Grand Parc birthdays take your child and his/her friends at the heart of extraordinary adventures.
From 4 to 16 years old.
Our birthday themes

Child Courses

Offer to your children unforgettable holidays surrounded by nature very close by the city. Mountain bike, canoe, zip-line, sailing, nature trips... Many activities that permit to everyone to get the fill of souvenirs and new experiences
From 6 to 15 years old
Our child courses

Golfing School

What if your child discovers a new activity? Throughout the school year, the Grand Parc Miribel offers the golfing school, an appropriate sports teaching for children from 8 to 18 years old.
Our rates for the year
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